Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hey everyone, just thought I'd post this picture I took with my point-and-shoot with photomerge on photoshop. comments would be nice, I'm just trying to get better. Thanks

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Glen Turnbow said...

First I would like to know who it is that took this shot. :)
This is a nice shot. one thing that I would like to see is the temple. If you could take the photo from a different window then you could get the temple as a main subject too. I like the grove and the time of year it is caught in. I also like it how there is the tree that is closer in the photo. At times it can be hard to have an object in a panorama that is close to you. It looks nice. It also looks like the photo might be a little dark. It is hard to do when it is overcast like that.

Good job keep going! :)