Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


alright everyone, next week we are doing things a little different. we are having a PHOTO EXCURSION!! everyone bring your camera, and during our meeting time we are going to go out and shoot then come back and vote on our favorites of the shoot. so make sure you bring your own camera, and your brain. it will be so much fun! see you all next weeeek! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Reminder for tomorrow

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that for the blog contest tomorrow we are doing long exposures. Also we are doing things a little different tomorrow and we would love it if everyone brought in one or two of their favorite photographers to talk about and show their work. Thanks a lot everyone! See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

James Rognon - One Favorite

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took. It is of Canon Beach in Oregon. It was a panoramic.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


hey everyone! okay, so this is our
LAST CONTEST of the semester! So it's time for everyone to pull out the big guns on this one. The theme of this last contest are the four elements:
Earth, Air, Wind, and Fire!

You can choose to interpret it however you want. So go crazy! Remember to email your photos before the deadline to photographics@byui.edu. Bring your 8x10 pictures printed on photo quality paper next tuesday. Good luck everyone!!

If you need more information go to: http://www.byui.edu/societies/photographics/contests.htm

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have to work late and cannot make it to photographics tonight, but I thought I would post my CD cover anyway. I didn't come up with an awesome album name or anything, but just liked the photo. In fact, I did two. Naturally, if I were a singer, I would have two hit albums.

Album Cover -Dustin!-

This is my first ever Album Cover I have designed. I think it turned out rather well all considering. I used a picture that was taken of me.

My Favorite Songs - No particular order -

1. Call To Arms | Angels And Airwaves
2. All I Have | Mat Kearney
3. Gotta Be Somebody | Nickelback
4. Kiss A Girl | Keith Urban
5. You Are Loved | Josh Groban

That's just to name a few... there are much more that I like!

Dustin Olsen!

Album Cover Creation - Kris Fryer

This is what I came up with for my Album Cover. I wanted it to look kind of grungy. I hope you all like it. I used a picture of myself that was taken of me.

Here are some songs that I like (Not in a particular order of favorites)

1. The Flight of Apollo - Angels & Airwaves
2. Somewhere Out There - Our Lady Peace
3. Here We Go - Mat Kearney
4. Numb - Linkin Park
5. Anthem of Angels - Breaking Benjamin

PETA won't let me spray paint a hamster...

so this will have to do :)

and as for my top five songs of the moment [because i could never really decide overall]...

here comes the... by butch walker
igeneration by mc lars
some hearts by carrie underwood
i saw it on your keyboard by hellogoodbye
the best in me by sherwood

love, sydney

Haley's CD Cover

I took this picture VERY last minute, but I really wanted to post something, so don't hate! Anyway, I wanted something a little glam-ish so I thought my cheap chandelier from IKEA would be perfect! Classy right?

My top 5:
1: Belle- Jack Johnson
2: Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix)- Phoenix
3: California- Phantom Planet
4: Seaside- The Kooks
5: Feeling Good- Michael Buble

Monday, March 1, 2010

CD cover! :)

Front Back

Okay so I'm not going to BYUI anymore, I'm at BYU (Yes I know, I'm a traitor), but I keep up with the blog and I thought I would post something so here it is.
Til Kingdom Come - Coldplay
Better Together - Jack Johnson
Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me - Keith Urban
Sun - Mae
This Side - Nickel Creek

annalisa heylen-cd cover

ok... so... pretty much I couldn't think of a cool name! But my niece and nephew call me nana... so that's where it came from! the title of the cd came from memories of mine where I remember listening to some of my favorite music as the trees started to first bloom back home. so that's about all I got? and here are my songs.

1. New Hampshire-Matt Pond

2. Eet- Regina Spektor

3. This is the New Year- Ian Axel

4. Naked As We Came-Iron and Wine

5. The Luckiest- Ben Folds

oh! and The Fame by Lady Gaga(duh).....

Martha's CD- Cover

Hello everyone,
I'm new, and a little scared to share my work. Since it is very beginner, but this is how we learn right?
So I have never wanted to be in a band or anything...so names were hard for me. So I just combined one of my favorite songs.
Here is some of my favs, in no order.

Fall For You- Secondhand Serenade
3x5- John Mayer
Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles
Wallet- Regina Spektor
Season of Love- Shiny Toy Guns
She's So Lovely- Scouting For Girls
new friend.
Martha Mae ( aka Portland)