Tuesday, June 29, 2010

blake galbraith emotion

Emotion-Taylor Jensen


Emotion - Kenton Anderson

Tickle Fight... I thought they loooked pretty happy.

Jimmy Rognon - Emotion

What I am trying with this photograph, is the ability that photographs can do to create emotion within someone just by looking at the photograph. I, personally, think that this photograph really gives me emotions and I hope that it does for you too.

Melanie Meik- Emotion

1)to be completely enamored with someone/something.
2) the flighty exciting feeling you get when you think about/see the object of your affection.
I took this picture while taking my sister's engagement pictures.
Taken with my 35 mm camera with 400 speed film.

Glen Turnbow - Emotion

Children are never good at hiding their emotions. This is my nephew and he was not a happy and it shows. What says sad better than a little kids frowning face. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

James Rognon

I just wanted to emphasis the color red in this photo but also show how it can add drama.

Jared George Color: Green

While out in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere, the sun hit just right and I loved this shot. The field looked amazing in the setting sun.

blake galbraith color

Kaylissa Spurlock

Color - Caitlin Fisk

Found this flower somewhere on campus and took a bunch of different photos and I think that this one came out the best.

Color - Kris Fryer

Crossroad Chairs: 5-1-10; 1:46pm; Rexburg, ID; f 4.0; 1/50; Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS; Original
I took this in the Crossroads while all the chairs were stacked up in the tables. I tried to get more of an abstract angle with them. It was difficult to get something that looked neat and be able to take the picture without a tripod.

Color - Dustin!

Rexburg Water Park Slide | Dustin Olsen
01 May 2010 • 12:36 pm | Rexburg, ID
Canon Rebel XS | 45MM | F/ 8.0 - 1/160 | ISO: 200
I liked this picture. I was able to get just the one bolt in focus with everything else around it blurry. I didn't do much else to it and just took the picture.
Camera Raw Processing.

Blue Sky- Kenton Anderson

Iso 100, F 2.o , 1/something thousand....
Dang Weeds....

Haley Childers {Color}

This is a shot of the Columbia River from the Washington side. I took it about a month ago on a trip home and I love the colors! Its a very blurry shot because the cameras shutter speed was so low in order to read the light and I didn't have a tripod, but I think the colors make the picture. It's unedited but slightly cropped down.

Melanie Meik-Color

Pink and Green. I took this in the Walmart garden area about two weeks ago. Taken with my 35 mm camera with 400 speed film. The editing was just two boosts of color in iphoto.

Red Water Bucket

Porter Park Water Bucket!

Glen Turnbow - Color

This photo is not too grand but I think it is appropriate for this week. And we all use the printers to print off our photos right?... Right! I had a great idea but I never got to do it. So here is my photo. It is not edited in any way. 
Photo info: ISO 800, f/4.5, 1/125, no tripod, not edited, taken June/22/2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I went home for the weekend and got a photo of my sisters running around the living room and dancing. Taken on my canon point and shoot.

blake galbraith motion

Jared George: Freeze Action

I went to a soccer game my friend Caroline was in and had the chance to take some Freeze action shots. This way one of my favorite shots I took. Thank you Caroline!

Jessica McIntyre - Out of this World

This weekend I went to Lagoon (amusement park in Utah) and before my camera had to go and self-destruct like a secret agent's brief case I took this picture. Its of the ride called the Rocket, and this part of it is the "Re-Entry". I edited it using iPhoto and boosted the contrast a bit and well here ya go!

Kaylissa Spurlock

Glen Turnbow - Movement

I was doing some work on my bike yesterday and I had an idea for a movement photo. So I had my wife throw the tire up in the air so I could take a photo of it. So not only was it flying through the air but it was spinning as well. It looks as if it could just be hanging there or even attached to the building but it's shadow shows that it is in the air. I know that we were not to edit our photo to make it look like it was moving. I did do a slight edit in bridge. I brought out the blacks just a hair and that is all.
f/5.6, 1/800, ISO 800, no flash, no tripod

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blake Galbraith B&W

Jimmy Black & White

Volunteers Needed...

Email Received. If interested, follow up with Tatiana Brenchley
There is a formal dance this Saturday, June 5th and we are trying to create the atmosphere of walking in on the red carpet, paparazzi and all.
I was wondering if you could e-mail the photographers in the society and see if five or six are willing volunteer that night from 7:45-9:30pm. (or even an hour if they are not able to stay the whole time)They would be getting candid photos of couples as they walked in They dont even have to have real cameras, just flashes would work. The whole idea is to create the red carpet environment, however it would be a great opportunity to practice candid shots.
They would not have to pay to get into the dance, and after the line dies down (probably around 9:30,) they can enjoy the dance free of charge.
If you could have them e-mail or call me by Friday, that would be wonderful! I'm going to try to attend the meeting tonight.
If you're not the person I need to talk to, would you please send me in the right direction? Thank you so much for your time!
Tatiana Brenchley

Kenton Anderson -B&W

Andrea Balmforth

Caitlin's Black & White

I took this photo over by the football field and liked the way the clouds were. I had two photos that I really liked but I decided that I like the look of this one more. I took this with my Canon point and shoot camera. Then I took it into iPhoto and changed it to black and white.

Jared George B&W

Taken at the George Dairy Farm in Cody Wyoming 5/30/10. This calf (not a cow) was a very willing subject for my photography.

I also had someone tempting the calf so it would stick out its tongue.

Camera: Cannon Powershot IS 120, F-Stop 3.5, Shutter speed: 1/1250, ISO: 125,

My First Photo Society Post

Kaylissa Spurlock

I took this picture with a point and shoot on June 21, 2010 in Caldwell ID. I made the picture black and white and then adjusted the highlights, shadows, and fill light.

Kris Fryer

This photo was taken in Dubois, ID on our way to Bannack. I was busy this week and didn't get any new photos that I liked for the blog so since this was pretty recent I decided to use it. I really like this photo and I hope you do too!

Amie Vreeken

BW using gradient map

Dustin Olsen! - Black Tie Party

Stacie + Justin | Engagement Photo
This is my cousin Stacie and her "sugar daddy" from Sugar City, ID. I took this picture on Memorial Day in the BYU-Idaho Gardens. I like how nice it turned out black and white.


Seattle's Googie - Jennifer Olmos

This is a close view of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. Took the picture with my canon Powershot SD600. Uploaded the picture onto I-Photo, and increased definition and shadows a little over 50%; increased sharpness and de-noised about 38%; increased saturation 5%, increased exposure almost 70% and lowered the contrast. No boost or fading of colors - just B & W.

B & W Alex Plitt

I took this on Memorial Day of my cousin at my Grandpa's grave site. I increased the contrast just a little bit and then put it in black and white.

B&W Erica Argüello

Kati Peters; Nikon D60

B&W -- Jessica McIntyre

This picture was taken a little bit ago of my niece when she was blessed. I converted it to black and white and then bit a little vignette on it.

B&W*Haley Childers

I took this a few weeks ago at an old abandoned tunnel on the way to Mesa Falls. Although the composition could be better, I really like the shot.

Glen Turnbow - B&W

My wife made a Mango Mousse and I took some photos of it for her blog. As I was doing it I started to take a bunch in black and white. I had a hard time choosing a photo to post but I decided on this one. It is Mango Mousse in goblet. Mmmm...
Specs:  Taken with SONY DSLR-A500, f/5.6, 1/250, ISO 200, no flash, no tripod, taken in black & white, not edited

B&W - Melanie Meik

I took this picture last Thursday night at The Box. I took it with my fuji film camera in sport mode, I then edited the picture here and there in iphoto.