Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Self Portrait - Jimmy Rognon

its me JESSICA!!

Well I love to read so this is me reading my favorite book. I put a vintage look to it and then cropped it...and thats pretty much it.

Jared George: Self Portrait

I went on a photo excursion with my friend Caroline and we took some shots. I was planning on only using her as a model, but she insisted I was taken in a few of the pictures as well. I figured it was a good shot of me because I grew up on a farm (hence the fence and field), but I served my mission in L.A. Loved it so much it changed the way I live. I don't dress like a farm kid and I behave like someone from So-Cal! The photograph is edited using only Camera Raw. I love that thing! (only problem is I still have so much to learn about that thing.)

Erica Argüello

Bannack Ghost Town; f 4.5; 1/40; SONY DSLR-A100

Andrea Balmforth - Self Portrait

I obviously did a lot of photoshop to this montage. I wanted to show that photography is how I tell my story. The main picture was taken with a tripod and self timer and the second was taken in a studio on a timer with a different camera. I did a watercolor filter on the bricks and added text.

self portrait- Kristin Hoppe

I climb a lot and I'm a photo major so my hands are pretty important to me.

Taken with my 50d, 3.5 aperture.

Self Portrait*Haley Childers

I took this today in the backlot behind my apartment with my Nikon P80 point-and-shoot. I only have a mini-tripod which wouldn't have helped in this situation, so I {also} hung my camera from a branch. In Photoshop Elements 7 I slightly altered the levels and added a little sepia touch.

Dustin Olsen! - Self Portrait

I took this picture by the Temple at night with my mini tri-pod. It was windy... That's why my face is blurry. This probably isn't the best picture to have used, but I thought it was cool and I like the lamp.

Self Portrait - Kris Fryer

This was taken at Bannack Ghost Town when I went with my digital imaging class. We had certain requirements to fulfill. I kept the shutter open for 6 seconds. For half the time I stood on the left and the other half I stood on the right. I thought it looked cool. I hope you all like it.

Self Portrait - Glen Turnbow

I took this photo this morning. The photo by itself was good but since it was to be a self portrait I made it so the color came out on me more than anywhere else. The only editing I did was to put my watermark on it and to take the colors down. I did this by making a black/white layer and putting a mask on it. Here are the photo specs: f/5.6, 1/1000, ISO 200. Taken with a SONY DSLR-A500 on a tripod.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kenton Anderson - Self Portrait

I took this on a tripod with the iso set at 200 and the aperture at 2.8. The camera in my hand is a Canon AE-1 that my father-in-law bought in 1977, it is a totally bogus camera.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Melanie Meik- Self Portrait

Me. I used my Yashica 35mm camera with 400 speed film.
To take the picture I set the 10 second timer and hung the camera from a tree branch.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Camera for Sale

Hey I know this is not bulletin board, but I just thought I would post this here in case it could help any of you. I have a camera I am trying to sell. It is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28K. It is a super zoom and it is a great camera. It is basically as close as you can get to an SLR without buying an SLR and it shoots HD video as well. Here is a link to my exact camera on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-DMC-FZ28K-Digital-Stabilized-Black/dp/B001CCLBSU If anyone is interested let me know. Anderson.Kenton@gmail.com

For Tuesday 05/18/10

Its contest day! Check out the website to see the contest details for Hobbies. There will be no blog contest for the 18th because of the big contest

Also for Tuesday 05/25/10 Post some self portraits up here so we can get to know you. This will be our blog contest. You can do whatever you want to portray yourself. Thank you to all who are participating, we look forward to your continued participation.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sarah L. Robison Photography, Swings

All were shot with a Canon Rebel XSi, and edited in Adobe Lightroom.

Swings Jared George

All shot with a Cannon Powershot SX120 IS 05/05/10. Every one edited for effect.

Makeshiftblog.com - James Rognon

So I just wanted to share another blog that I am starting. It is www.makeshiftblog.com, and basically it is going to be about running a photography business, photography tips, and just some other related things. There isn't much on there right now, but there will be a ton more stuff as time goes on. So bookmark it now and check back later, and please leave comments. I love to hear other people's opinions especially if they argue with mine.

James Rognon - Swings

So I took this picture out behind my apartment. I tried to do something new with this photograph. I tried to keep the shutter speed slower and move the camera with my son moving. This effect is supposed to make the background look like it moves and the subject stand still.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Swinging--Jessica McIntyre

soooo I know that me and Kaylissa's look the same, we went on a little photohunt sunday together (yeah we bonded). But this swing is the creeper swing in the middle of no where. I used just a normal point and shoot camera, umped of the saturation and contrast a bit and there you go!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kaylissa Spurlock Photography

Sunday Swinging- Melanie Meik

I took this using my "action" option on my camera. Then I got on the computer and made really high contrast and messed with some of the editing options.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Swings - Kris Fryer

I took this photo at Porter Park on the swings. I then used camera raw to make the photo black and white.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weekly Contest for 05/11/10: Swings

Hey Gang!

This week we will be taking pictures of swings. These can be anything, rope swings, chain swings, perspective of swings, toy swings, and any other swing (other than dancing.) Have fun with this little contest! We are excited to see what you make this week.

Jared George

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hands Jared George

Taken at a birthday party I enlisted the people there to help me in my images.


These are my roommates hands = ] Nicole Rios

Hands (Las Manos)- Glen Turnbow

Title: Holding Liquid Light
I took this photo on the deck of my apartment at 7:20 pm. the ISO was 800, the f-stop was 5.6, and the shutter speed was 1/250. I took this with my Sony Alpha 500. It has a feature on it to increase the contrast which I did.
I might not be able to make it to todays meeting which I lament so If I cannot I will give an explination here of how I did it other that what I have already told you. The hands are my wife's hands. She was holding a little mirror hiding part of it with her hands. The sun was setting and I made sure the reflection of the sun would show up in the photo. So this photos it not edited and that is it as it is. It is like she is holding light, yet is like the light is in a liquid..... MmmmmMM! yeah I think it is good.
BTW I'm way excited for photographics this semester.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Andrea Balmforth - Hands

This was taken at Idaho Falls Country Club on May 1st, 2010.
f5.6, 1/200 shutter speed. Did levels adjustment and added vignette to darken edges.

Hands-On Photography (Dustin Olsen!)

This was shot on the BYU-Idaho football field.

Hands - Kris Fryer

f 7.1; 1/125; ISO 200

f 8; 1/20; ISO 800

f 9; 1/30; ISO 1600

I took these photos in random places on campus and my apartment. I shot them in color but used camera raw to turn them black and white. I used Photoshop to mask out another rail in the first photo.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


5/01/2010 4:36 pm
f/5.6 1/100 iso100
Canon rebel xt
I was going for the whole twighlight look. This image was cropped in photoshop, I also used the clone stamp to blend out unsightly bracelets.

5/01/2010 4:48 pm
f/53.6 1/400 iso100
Canon Rebel xt
I used photoshop channel mixer to turn this photo to black and white.
Laura Rovig