Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tuesdays Blog Post - Blake Pack

Time to get a bit creative in Photoshop, or not. Most of you probably have shot the pics that you want to use for this post but here is the general idea... again this is a very relax post. No real rules, just some suggestions. I have posted the picture of what my CD cover would look like if i ever started a band or tried to release an album. One thing to remember when posting is that a CD case is a square format.

And purely for fun, go ahead and post your top 5 or so favorite songs.

For me (in no particular order):

Little Bribes ..................... Death Cab For Cutie
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. ...... Sufjan Stevens
Run Over By A Truck ....... Weezer
Comes and Goes .............. Greg Laswell
Clark Gable ...................... The Postal Service
Olsen Olsen ..................... Sigur Ros

(P.S. The song choice was the hardest part of this one for me)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rule of Thirds

I selected this photo because it proves placement according to the rule of thirds does not guarantee a great photo. Though the bird is placed at an intersection of the thirds, the image is still average.

Amy Sowards

Little Red Shack for Little Red Riding Hood. -Dustin Olsen!-

I found this shack while walking around looking for composition shots...

This picture follows the rule of thirds because the horizon is on the lower third while the shack is on the right third. I think it works great.

The picture was shot with a Canon Digital Rebel with a Polarized lens.


Composition - Kris Fryer

I was out taking photos for the blog today since I procrastinated this whole week and stumbled across these bales of hay and they looked way sweet, I thought. I tried to use to rules of composition while taking the pictures. I hope it turned out.

rule of thirds-annalisa heylen

i didn't have time to go out and shoot this week, so i looked through my old photos and found one that i felt followed the rule of thirds and one that didn't so much. the first one i don't feel follows the rule, but i think it still looks good. the second one, the horizon is on the third line, and the little hill and tree are to the right third.

Idealistic Barn on the way to Kelly Canyon- Haley Childers

My roomate and I were going on a little scenic drive to Kelly Canyon, we both saw this cute barn and decided to stop for a quick picture. I know this isn't following the rule of thirds perfectly and the barn isn't exactly in the right spot, but the top third includes the sky, and well, I just thought it was too cute to pass up!

Umm... Can't think of a clever title - Blake Pack

So this first picture is a total mistake. It was really bright and blue the day I shot this so i had put on a ND8 filter along with a warming orange filter. Thing is that i didnt check my white balance. It wasnt on sunny skys as it should have been and this was the awesome result. As far as the rule of thids is concerned i have put the horizon on the bottom third. Oh yeah, and it was shot with a fish eye lens, the further distortion of the image.
Nikon D80 Shutter 1/4000 f/3.5 Focal Length 18mm ISO 400

This is what i was really aiming for. i noticed my mistake before too late, thank goodness, but now i cant tell which i like better... you be the judge. I put a literal twist on the Rule of Thirds. If you were to straighten the image the horizon would be dead on with the bottom third again.
All the settings are exactly the same except that i adjusted my white balance to sunlight

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekly Contest Reminder

Ok so for next week's weekly blog contest, we are doing a shot on the rule of thirds. (Since Blake gave us a wonderful lesson on it! ) Show how your photo follows, or doesn't follow the golden rule.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Matt's New Trick

18mm 1/2500 second f/4.5 ISO 320
Posted by Mike Walton

Kris Fryer: Snowballs!!

This is an example of illegal behavior in Rexburg. Don't throw snowballs!

180's of Winter Bliss. --Dustin Olsen!--

180's in a snowy open area. Pretty much the only time I have appreciated the snow but I had a total blast doing this with my car.

Don't worry, no animals were harmed and nothing was damaged during this photo shoot.


annalisa heylen-sequence

this is sorta what i do when i wake up, and when i go to bed. and sometimes in between.
and yes, my tooth is chipped.

ladybug, ladybug, fly away home...

These pictures are a little old - I couldn't focus on taking any new ones because my new camera just got here and I've been having too much fun getting to know him...
But this ladybug started on my shoe, climbed all the way up my leg, and requested that I photograph his good side.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I wanted to find a "B" in nature so I found this on a "dead" bush. :)

Bianca CarreƱo

Your Average Household 'b'

I wanted to use some household items and construct them in a 'b' shape, and keep it looking natural rather than set up. These proved much more photogenic than the fish.
-Rachel Sn*w

Fishing for that lowercase 'b'

Fish are hardly photogenic. I waited, camera ready, until they swan together to form the letter 'b'. It took a while, but they finally did! Exept that little guy on the left. I kept him in anyway just so he didn't feel left out.
-Rachel Snow

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Big Green B! -Dustin Olsen-

I took this picture at the Grain station just outside of Rexburg. I really wanted to be creative and find things that formed the letter "B" instead of actually having the letter "B" printed somewhere in the picture. I think this one turned out!

Abstract Letter "B" - Kris Fryer

I took these pictures at the Grain Station outside of Rexburg. I was trying to be creative and not have an actual letter "B" in the photo, but instead have an abstract look.

1950s (or older) Ford - Blake Pack

A little background on this truck... We have had this truck on our farm in our junkyard for years (as you can tell by the plates) It is at least 51 years old since the plates haven't been changed since it was left there. It has served as space rocket when I was a wee tike as well as a shield for our airsoft and paintball games. Now it is acting as the subject of this photo and who knows what is to come in the future. It'd be sweet if Idaho still had these rockin' green plates, eh?